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For commissions, collaborate or just enquires feel free to reach me on:

︎ contactaconelcarito@gmail.com

︎ (+34) 655 203 352

I´m an independent illustrator & art director experienced in advertising agencies and creative dives.

(Andalucía, 1986) Rised beside olive trees and spray cans, I´ve developed my work between Madrid and Barcelona to conceptualisation, illustration, creative and art direction, as well as photo and video shooting, video editing and motion graphics.

Mail me at contactaconelcarito@gmail.com
or tell me something nice on
(+34) 655 203 352

Advertising work: www.elcarito.info

⚲ Madrid, Spain

♥ Photography
♥ Typography
♥ Comics
♥ Graffiti
♥ Bikes
♥ Bars
♥ You