Mafia & Fluxy

Mafia & Fluxy meets Chalice Sound.

The people from Chalice Soundsystem asked me to design a cover for their very last work, an LP alongside two living legends: the british musicians and reggae producers Mafia & Fluxy. The idea consist in found a graphic match between those both iconic musicians and the “castizo” style from Madrid city.

Reggae singers like Brother Wildman (Emeterians), Yeyo Pérez, Lasai or Pipo Ti take part of this special combination.

I´m an independent illustrator & art director experienced in advertising agencies and creative dives.

(Andalucía, 1986) Rised beside olive trees and spray cans, I´ve developed my work between Madrid and Barcelona to conceptualisation, illustration, creative and art direction, as well as photo and video shooting, video editing and motion graphics.

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